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Startup Talk: Mynamusic wants to index the world’s music, the right way (via Google Reader)


Remember Google? Yup, Goog is what it is today thanks to its “new” way of indexing the internet. Another startup - Orpheus Media Research wants to change the way music is indexed on the internet through an algorithm so unique and effective that five years from now you will get music recommendation that fits the “mood” you are looking for. It’s a little difficult to tell the computer what a particular mood means since it does not readily understand emotions but that’s exactly what Orpheus wants to do with its product Mynamusic. Mynamusic is a music search and recommendation engine for commercial use music which has done away with searching for music based on keywords and instead implemented its music tagging algorithm that puts an almost human like music recognition based on some intricate algorithms. What is also unique is that the search algorithm searches music 1000 times faster than current keyword based searches. So when you look for light, happy music you don’t get a bunch of tracks because they were tagged that but because they sound happy and light. Mynamusic was created by veteran in the field of music research - Dr. Greg Wilder and Alison Conrad. According to Greg and Alison, “Myna is the only pure music-to-music search and discovery platform that uses music to find music, producing higher quality matches and analyzing music up to 1000x faster than existing keyword search technology. Myna combines deep musical expertise with adaptive technology to deliver highly accurate and relevant matches based on mood and emotion. Created by musicians, Myna is the first platform to look at musical context and grammar to understand/interpret musical mood. By referencing the music directly, matches are more accurate and large catalogs of music can be quickly analyzed with or without metatags.”

How Do You Educate a Little Geek? (via Google Reader)

This wonderful video is about changing the way we educate everyone, but there are many lessons that are particularly relevant to little geeks. For example, recognising that we live in a world where kids are surrounded by information and input and embracing that fact rather than fighting it.

“Our children are living in the most intensively stimulating period in the history of the earth… and we’re penalising them for getting distracted.”

Regardless of geekiness though, this is fascinating insight into how the Western world’s current education system came to be, and a thought-provoking presentation on what needs to change.

And even if the content of the talk wasn’t great, it would be worth watching just for the entertaining animation.

Graham Stookey stops by the M offices! - M Magazine

We had a blast hanging out with singer Graham Stookey when he recently stopped by the >M offices! Graham was discovered after a friend uploaded a video of him playing his original song, “Jonah” on YouTube (the song was titled “If Justin Bieber Can Be Famous…Why Can’t I?”) and the video got a lot o

New Video!!! « Bad Advice From My Brother

On last Saturday night in Vegas with my brother and his friends, some very crazy shit occurred. Most notably, an argument between my brother and a hooker he’d hired for his friend. I’ve been working on this on and off since I got back, using my drunken memory of the moment and texts from my brother